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How do I find a divorce lawyer in GA that is experienced in divorcing?

Honestly, Ive yet to see someone say they are a narcissist specialist. A fair number of attorneys have likely experienced cluster B personalities in their practice. Ive had experience with cases with borderline personality disorders. I get where you are coming from but most attorneys arent hard core geeks like me. When I get something novel and odd, I tend to research the hell out of it. I dont charge the client for this, I simply do it to better understand the dynamics of dealing with these people. Turns out that such learning pays off. When I recently got divorced, it took some time to put together 2 + 2 and realize my ex was a covert narcissist. My suggestion is to look for a lawyer that has written on the topic from Georgia. There you will have a person that at least has some understanding of the topic. I dont know how you would find someone who has actually had several cases with narcissists. Unless they publicly address the topic there is no way I know to find such person.

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