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I hate my life.?

Know this: your life, while it seems tough right now, will get better. We all go through tough times, times when we arent sure where to turn, what to do, or who cares about us. When I was in my first year in college, I had a tough time getting a date. I was terribly insecure, and my self-talk (doubting myself constantly) made things worse. I dropped out of college after less that a year, and ended up joining the military. Desperate for someone to care about me, I proposed marriage to a girl I didnt know after less than a week! Needless to say, the marriage didnt last, and being married only deepened my sadness, my feeling of being worthless. I began seeking love elsewhere, and had multiple affairs, and countless sexual interactions. I became an addict, and nearly ruined my entire life, actually spending time in prison. But there is light: after a lot of mental health work, and a lot of searching for me, and discovering that God loved me when no one else wanted to, my life has found purpose. I now have a family, run a business, and hopefully can help others. Look; life is a roller coaster, and sometimes your at the bottom of the ride, but soon youll be flying up that hill in front of you, and screaming at the top again!

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